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Our dogs get the very best of everything and in return they give us immeasurable pleasure 


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We Breed

Standard, Medium and Miniature Labradoodles


Amazingly  loveable  labradoodles





Our First


F3 Bitch

(Parents, grandparents and great grandparents were all labradoodles)

Didlington Doodle History

Didlington Doodles is a family hobby.  We have a passion for Labradoodles, Labradors and both Standard and Miniature Poodles and the more we do with them the more hooked we become!.  We have a small number of very special dogs whom we breed from occasionally - our ultimate aim is to enhance the quality and standard of the British Labradoodle.  Our bitches are never bred from more than once a year and we only have a total of two or three litters from each bitch, after which the bitch is spayed and sometimes re-homed, due to the fact that we can only keep a limited number of dogs and we need to continue our breeding program.  (If you are interested in adopting one of our ex-breeding bitches in the future please contact us).  Our aim is to breed good looking, lovely family pets, bred from health tested parents, with good conformation and above all excellent temperaments. 

About six years ago I saw my first 'Doodle' and was overwhelmed by him - I had never heard of Labradoodles before, and like everyone else, wasn't entirely sure whether I was having my leg pulled or not!!  However, I was assured that Labradoodles were for real and I was also told a little about their history and why they were originally bred.  I was fascinated and then spent many hours, days, months and yes… years, researching into this wonderful, and relatively new breed.  I had grown up with labradors and poodles and felt sure that a mating between the two to produce a labradoodle would be an excellent cross.  Both dogs carry wonderful traits, and are such perfect family pets - put the two together and I felt certain you would end up with something very special indeed.

Of course I wanted one! ..............and so I started the long search for a suitable pup.  My hopes right from the start, if all went well, were to ultimately aim to breed a small number of top quality labradoodles, with particular care taken on their type, conformation, health testing and particularly their temperaments.  I was finally put in touch with Cotswold Labradoodles and found Stroodle - our beautiful F3 cream bitch who’s Mum is Ellie and Dad, Cosmo.

Stroodle at 5 weeks

Stroodle at 5 weeks

When we went to see the pups at 6 weeks, out of all the pups it was Stroodle who came bounding up to us on arrival - she had already been picked out for us by Fiona as one of the best bitches, so it was extraordinary how she knew we were to be her 'people'!  At the same time I also set out to find a very special labrador bitch puppy with the view, again if all went well, for her to start our own line of Didlington Doodles when the time was right.  I found Pindy, a beautiful black puppy from a top class field trials strain, and again there was no question which pup from the litter was coming to us!  The other extraordinary thing is that both pups were born on the same day - so there was a link between them right form the start.  Both pups arrived shortly after the New Year in 2004 and our house has never been quite the same since!!

Pindy at 9 weeks

Pindy just arrived at 8 weeks

Now a number of years later I can honestly say that my initial instincts about labradoodles were absolutely right.  They are the most fabulous, fun, bouncy, crazy, loving and loyal dogs I have ever come across.  They also have a highly developed sense of humour and are very intelligent.  They are always up to some wicked trick - you can almost see their thought patterns as they try to think of something to make you laugh!  A labradoodle is not for the faint hearted, they love lots of attention, walks and fun.  They also love everybody and every thing - even our cats nearly get flattened with licks and kisses when they come home - although of course the cats do have the upper hand in the animal hierarchy!  I don't think there is an ounce of malice in Stroodle, as I said she loves everybody and all other dogs too - but they can be over exuberant so do need to be properly trained.  Being such sociable dogs they would not be happy left for hours on their own.  I would therefore not advise anyone who was out at work all day to have a labradoodle.


Stroodle the Doodle

at 9 months

Stroodle with Lottie on the mower                                Stroodle and Woozle on the path







Stroodle, Lottie and Woozle

In 2007 we reached the optimum age for both our original bitches to breed, and they have both had their first litters.  Pindy was mated by a small standard poodle and produced our first litter of beautiful first generation labradoodles (F1's), Stroodle also went to the same dog and produced a stunning litter of F3B puppies who all had excellent coats and were virtually non shedding.

Our puppies all went to their new homes at around 8 to 10 weeks of age.  They had all been health checked, micro-chipped, had their first vaccination, and they all left us with a support pack crammed with puppy information, a toy, a starter pack of food, and six weeks free insurance.  We like to keep in touch with all our pups and welcome frequent updates and are always happy to offer support and advice to our new owners at the outset of their new adventure with their labradoodle, and throughout life of their dog.

We also have a small yellow Labrador bitch called Spin.  She has recently been hip tested and her total hip score is 6 (3 + 3) which is excellent.  She has a current clear eye certificate.  All being well will she will go to a beautiful apricot standard poodle called Simbah - who also has excellent health testing with a total hip score of 7 and current clear eye certificate.




Now available at stud to a limited number of suitable health tested bitches with excellent temperaments


Digby a a baby at 4 1/2 months

We kept one of Stroodles pups, Digby (Didlington Strutt Your Stuff!!) who is an F3B.  He is a beautiful dog with a wonderful totally laid back temperament.  He has now had his BVA hip score done and his total is 10.  He has a current clear BVA eye certificate.  When a little older he will become our new stud dog.  He may also be available for a small number of suitably health tested labradoodle bitches with excellent temperaments.  He should carry black, cream and silver.  If you are interested in using Digby do get in touch.

Our aim now is to continue breeding top quality F1 and F3B standard, medium and miniature labradoodles plus F1B's and F2's.


Digby at 11 Months

Still the most wonderful dog!


We now have a happy little family of dogs, they all get on brilliantly and get up to the most ridiculous tricks together – From that first sighting of a labradoodle six + years ago we have come quite a long way and are very excited about the future of our Didlington Doodles!



Stroodle - Is that the Turkey?

Didlington Doodle Dogs 
Photo Collection
( Regularly Updated )


Stroodle and Pindy as Pups

Stroodle India Stroodle
Stroodle and India ready to fish
Stroodle and Pindy ready to fish
Stroodle and Woozle
Stroodle and Woozle


Stroodle - The Scruffy Adolescent!

Pindy - One Misty Morn

Pindy and Lottie - Who' Leading Who?!

The Hound!

Stroodle - Watching Telly


Huckleberry and Mister Moo - Greetings Woozle


Huckleberry  (f1 miniature) at 6 months






Moo and Woozle

A Photographic Story of the first 56 days in the Life of

A Didlington Doodle



From Day 1 to Eight Weeks




Stroodle and Scout are the proud parents of 9 beautiful F3B puppies


5 black boys, some with white chests/toes and chins

3 cream boys

1 black bitch with a white foot





Photos taken of the pups in the first week




Happy Puppies - Day 13!

We were very pleased with Stroodles first litter of pups.  The father was Scout from UKDoodles ( who is a small black standard poodle standing at approx 20"  at the shoulder.  We are very grateful to Lisa Carson for allowing us to use Scout, who we believe is probably one of the best poodle stud dogs in the country, carrying an excellent health record, including a low BVA hip score, the results of his Pennhip testing put him in the top 20% of dogs tested, he has a current clear eye test certificate, and is tested SA negative.  Stroodle is an F3 labradoodle and is 23"  at the shoulder so the pups should be medium standards, boys approx 24/25".  These puppies are beautifully put together and all have uniform crinkly coats.  They will all have virtually non shedding fleece coats.   








Days 15 to 19

Eyes just beginning to open, a lot of wobbly walking and even more feeding and sleeping!

Days 22 and 23


First Day in the garden - Monty and Mum

Mmm ....Food


                                                                         Jeronimo                              Milo and Charlie


                                                                     Henry Looking On                                      Milo


We could say the pups are 'really getting into their food'!

Updated at 5 weeks

We can look really cute...if we sit still for long enough!


                                                                                           Robinson                                                                Henry


Play Fighting!....... Very Fierce Pups!

Milo....Where is everybody?

6 and 7 Weeks

Our pups are well socialised....and even learn about cats!


                                                                Charlie.....Is that a Cat?     Jeronimo...I think I'll leave that one!

Henry - The Chocolate Box Pup!



Back to bed after a long and exhausting play in the garden!

8 Weeks and the Puppies are Ready to go to their New Homes


                                                                                         Didlington Dougal                Didlington Henry and Mum


Playing the the garden with Mum


Didlington Charlie                           Didlington Henry

Didlington Strutt Your Stuff!


Digby was the first born Didlington Doodle Puppy

Didlington Milo

Stroodles puppies have been an utter delight and we have loved every minute of having them.  All the pups have been adopted by super families and we thank everyone who has chosen to adopt one of our pups - we wish you all years of fun and happiness with your 'Didlington Doodle'


Occasionally we have labradoodle puppies and older dogs, mainly labradors available for adoption

please contact us for details


F 1'S




Just arrived and being cleaned off...straight to the milk bar! Daisy and Sprocket


Very Proud Mum...almost a perfect line up!

One Happy Puppy!!  Well Done Pindy!





Daisy                                            Binky Ponozky


      billy boy & Binky


Digby - Playground Monitor    

I think Digby is under there.......



Sprocket - Looking very handsome & clean


Now this looks like fun! .....  Daisy


It was...but I am a bit muddy...ooops!

and Sprocket - funny how it is always the cream ones!


7 1/2 weeks & nearly time to go to our new homes

that hose is still causing hours of fun!





billy boy






six pups posing

on our way to the vet - first car journey!

(Look at our noses - it looks as though we have been digging!!)

binky ponozky,Billy boy giving sprocket a piggy back!, plato, whoopie,dibble,mozart giving daisy a piggy back (wish she'd keep still!)

Plato - last hug with Digby before his journey to Jersey!


Notice how the coats of these F1 puppies have changed in the first eight weeks.  The coats continue to change and usually become a lot scruffier during the first year.



Milo's Family



Charlie's Family

Henry and Robinson's new Family

Henry and Nathan

Topsy's Family


Jeronimo's Family

Dougal's Family

We have had wonderful feedback from all the families that have one (or two!) of Stroodle's Pups - We are thrilled that they have all settled in so well and are happy, well adjusted bundles of wickedness!!  Please keep the pictures coming and keep us up to date with your 'puppy' news!!.....

Stroodle is now taking a well earned rest!



Digby at 4 Months - such a handsome boy, really laid back and gentle - we are so pleased we kept him!


Milo at 4 months - an absolutely stunning Boy!

Henry, coming up to his first birthday

My Chocolate Box Pup now becoming an Agility Star!

We hope to breed from Stroodle again in 2008 after a years break

We anticipate pups in approx July - ready for adoption in September

If you would like to reserve one of her pups (F3B's) please get in touch


Be Warned!



expect the best seats.....!!

Please go to the

'Puppy page'

for information on existing or expected Litters

+ Lots of pictures of our puppies from day 1

and also a series of pictures of

Growing and 'grown up'

Didlington Doodles


Please go to the

'About Labradoodles'

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